Friday, April 24, 2009

let's talk about cakes..

Let me preface by saying I am trying to load these up with links that define some of the words because it never fails these days that I start talking about iridescent taffeta or fondant, and I get a blank stare. Usually from my mom.

So this morning, let’s talk about cakes. I want to talk about cakes for two reasons. Number one: Cake is delicious; and
Number two: The next piece of cake I will probably eat will be my wedding cake, so I place a lot of importance on said piece of cake.

Not to mention, there is something about a big cake that just screams wedding, and Danny and I are set up for our first cake tasting on May 6th. So far in my race to deliciousness, I am torn. I originally had filled myself up with dreams of fondant and gum paste flowers, mostly based on the hours of “Ace of Cakes” I have watched when I should have been doing something else. 

Then I did some pricing.

It seems that bakeries are in the business of making money. Who knew, right? The first place I contacted was Icing Illusions in Montgomery. They are renowned in the Southeast for their wedding cakes, and I was indelibly impressed with the pictures they have displayed on their website, like this one:

Unfortunately, the only “illusion” I can seem to find at Icing Illusions is that they think I am going to pay $700 for a wedding cake, which will disappear in a day. That is a terrible trick.

Not to despair! I have also contacted a little place in downtown Prattville called Uniquely Yours. After temporarily panicking that the owner was actually my 6th grade Vice Principle (same last name, very different ladies), I discovered that the owner is actually a very friendly lady named Denise. Danzo, and I will be paying her a visit in a little over a week. 

It will probably be the most awesome thing ever.

Now I have a lot of ideas concerning my cake. I have spent hours scouring the million corners of the internet, trying to decide which direction to take this question of eggs and flour. I am still torn as to whether I want to go with white (which is not actually a color, to be honest), or with green with white accents. I found this cake on Martha Stewart Weddings and am in love with it.

The best thing about that website is that they pretty much tell you every detail of how to make the cake. They even offer templates to print off for the calligraphy designs (which are made with royal icing). However, I think, once again, my dreams and my pocketbook are not all-together on this thing, and I may have to tone it down.

Then there is my third option: making this cake myself. I already plan on making the groom’s cake (with the help of Mishan, who is now indentured to me). It is going to be a cupcake cake, and I have already pulled up directions for building my own stand, making chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling, and creating edible monograms to top them off. It will HOPEFULLY look something like this:

I think Google is making me increasingly bold, as you can type in “How to..” for just about anything and come up with at least 20 suitable ways to make it happen. Not to mention, I have Martha Stewart on my side, and she says her cakes are a good thing.

In the end, everything hinges on how our cake consultation goes in Prattville. If positivity (which isn’t a real word) abounds, and she takes pity on two poor kids like us, then I will take it to the bank. If she wants more than I make in a month for a cake, well then it looks like I am going to have to borrow some spring-form pans and a cooling rack.

In the end, its only eggs and flour and sugar, but, right now, it feels incredibly important.



  1. I think we should do a trial run of the cupcake groom's cake. I'm about as crafty as Hellen Keller and would hate for it to turn into a Dr. Seuss monstrosity...what think you?

  2. I tried to google, "How to get a date for Friday night," and it turns out that none of the first hundred hits were suitable ways...