Thursday, May 14, 2009

"yellow is the colour of my true love's hair.."

It is a pretty abysmal and grey day outside this morning, so I figured I would brighten things up with a little color. Today, I am going to talk color palette. One of my biggest wedding decisions was choosing the right colors. Usually, in my life, I have found myself drawn to the loudest, the brightest, and the blingin’est (yeah, I made it up) sets of the color wheel, but I felt like, for this situation, it was more appropriate to tone things down. This rings especially true because we are going to be married outdoors in the fall, when Mother Nature provides the color all on her own. 

My decision: neutrals. More specifically, brown, green, and ivory. 

It all started when I came across an article about green bouquets. I thought it was a unique twist to the usual pile of petals you see bobbing down the isle. I also happen to be a pretty big fan of green and thought it looked elegant without overshadowing the most important element of the wedding-me.


After that it was time to think about bridesmaid dresses. I could not bear the thought of forcing my ladies into brightly colored puffs of taffeta that they would never be able to wear again. I mean bridesmaid dresses are a joke for a reason. You get swindled into shelling out tons of money for an ugly dress that you wear once and park in the back of the closet for the next 10 years. I also wasn’t too keen on everyone wearing the exact same dress because none of my bridesmaids have the exact same body type. Regan has hips, Lacey is top-heavy, and Camdyn is a gymnast, and I know I would not want to be stuck standing next to a gymnast in the same dress as me. I also had another issue in the fact that Regan lives about a million miles away in New Mexico

It was with all this in mind that I decided, number one, the girls were going to wear brown (espresso, really, but this is not the time to impress you with my vast knowledge of color), and, number two, I was going to let them decide on which style dress they wanted to wear. This is another trend I picked up on thanks to ye olde internet, and so far, so good. I found a website that offers bridesmaid dresses at cut rates, found a designer with the sorts of dresses I liked, picked the color (espresso) the fabric (iridescent taffeta) and the length (tea length), and told the girls to go crazy.  Now the girls are free to choose a dress that will actually flatter their body type, and they don’t all have to get together in Montgomery to make the purchase. Most importantly, the dresses don't really look like a classic bridesmaid dress, which means they can wear them more than once. This is the dress that Camdyn will be wearing (although in a different color):

 I don’t guess I have to explain why ivory is the last color. I think someone else in the wedding will be wearing it. 

At any rate, hope I brought a little color into your life today. Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out.


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  1. Just wrap you some broccoli in white tissue paper--instant, vitamin-rich bouquet!